At Peninsula Irrigation we stock a huge range of unusual PVC fittings. Sliding Gate valves, PVC ball valves, Stormwater valves and 3 way pool valves. Compression and Telescopic repair couplings, Kwik repair tees and elbows are always available. Pressure fittings, threaded and reducing tees, reducing couplings, slip and threaded barrel unions; great for connecting pool pumps or items that may need to removed for servicing. We carry valve sockets and take off adaptors, reducing bushes etc. Sizes ranging from 15mm to above 100mm in some fittings. Our customers can purchase PVC pressure pipe, DWV and Stormwater pipe by the metre or in 6 metre lengths.

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In many irrigation applications PVC is a common alternative to connect Solenoids and manifolds to the mains water supply. Overhead irrigation in some horse arenas and nurseries utilises PVC pipe and fittings due to low costs and strength over larger spans. Our range includes threaded PVC fittings to allow connecting to droppers, spinnets, poly tees and elbows or drip systems. All the fittings are available to cater for the type of watering our customers require. 

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PVC slip and threaded ball valves from 15mm to 100mm allow a solution to any application. Stormwater ball valves, tank connections, overflows and reducing connectors. DWV bends, caps and adaptors. 3 way pool valves and DWV valves. As caravan sullage points are often 40mm, a DWV 40mm male iron adaptor perfectly fits which can then allow a number of connection options to take any type of waste hose.

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